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Wood stack pondering

We are lucky enough to be warmed through winter by a wood fire, I don’t think there is any other heat like it. It feels natural, almost primal to warm your bones by the fire.

This leads to the obvious need for a stock pile of fuel, derived from many sources, we inevitably acquire a diverse range of wood, from fallen trees to end of life building materials. Not everything makes it way into the fire, as I forage around for possible diamonds in the rough.

The piece above is a small section of a Redgum fence post harvested from farmland in south-west Victoria, the weight and density of which is something to behold. I’ve started on the journey of design and development with this piece, unlocking the simple beauty of the grain, juxtaposed with the weathered exterior. I have a couple of ideas rolling around my head for this piece, due consideration will allow me to choose it’s final path.


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